First steps!

Terrified is an understatement, I never felt so public.   Anyway fellow bloggers and writers bear with me as I take these first teetering blogging steps.

I’ve always been pretty cool about putting down my fictionalised accounts on paper, but having to talk about myself never comes easy.  I always used to see myself locked away as a hermit when I began writing and inhabiting a nice cosy world of daydreaming and imagination.  Maybe once this was true and the Brontes and Hardys could lead relatively solitary lives.   This is the modern world though and as writers we are now poked and prodded into revealing our identities as we creep out from behind our flimsy pages and from behind our computer keyboards and take a peep outside.

One thing I am loving, is telling people about my work and I never thought I would; naturally modest I’d much rather be taking a backseat scribbling away with flights of fancy than striding around proclaiming my latest little baby.  This also probably comes from a plethora of past careers where confidentiality was key.   Once an intensely private person I’ve always shrunk a bit from self-promotion especially since first and foremost, I wrote from the pure love of the written word more than anything else.  But now as my work reaches a wider and wider audience needs must and so many fans have been pressing me for blog content and news.

Which leads me onto me…I have to introduce myself don’t I, and stop this wittering?  How liberating is this?   Well, I feel really lucky to be a writer and I can’t believe I get up every morning and I’m living my fantasy.  It’s the hardest thing I ever did in my life but also the most rewarding and satisfying; a blend of therapy and expression and oh, so many things.  I come from a background of frustrated artistes, a wanton great grandmother whose past is still shrouded in mystery as a French actress, a grandfather destined to be a great opera star who sacrificed his dreams to care for his brother and family – yes, I know this sounds like a story – my mother who started writing when a child and passed on her beautiful talent together with cooking and her inner strength to me and lastly my long deceased father, a frustrated actor with the wonderful ability to get on with just anyone and who was never seen without a paintbrush or a musical intrument and was such an inspiration to me with his many thousands of books.   Here I admit to still being surrounded by thousands of books and my floorboards creak and groan under the weight of so many;  from Dickens, Hemingway and Shute to the Binchy’s, Vincenzi’s, Collins and many more. I  eagerly devour whatever’s around.

I’ve been writing and being published since a child, but my forays into passionate and daring literature only began in 2008 when having spent a lengthy illness confined to bed and forced not to move I scribbled day and night.  Having recovered, a close friend snaffled these titbits, read them and pressed me into sending them to an editor…I never looked back and I adore it.  Erotica and passionate romance is naughty and controversial, yes I know it is…but surely it’s only one aspect of human expression and don’t we have so many delicious thoughts and emotions to explore with these imaginative minds of ours?  It’s what makes us human beings unique.

Enough flannel…I expect you ‘re now stifling a yawn.   Anyway most of you know me here as Alcamia Payne  purveyor of erotica – and yes, also Constance Munday, the more romantic me.  Please look out for some of my new explorations as well though, there’s loads in the pipeline and bubbling away in my little cauldron of a mind –  a brew of passionate romance with a dash of horror, a spoonful of beloved esotericism, a pinch of magic and new age dalliance and lot’s of other naughtinesses as I step into yet another new pair of shoes. 

Did I do that bad for a first time, I hope not?  I get loads feedback to my email addie from all my readers so thanks so much and I really appreciate knowing what you like and what you want to read next. 

Some great news!  I was delighted Diva magazine just featured my story ‘Tango,’ in their sex issue.   It looked terrific and was a wonderful opportunity, thanks Diva, more to come I hope.

I’m also so thrilled at how wonderful the new collection,  ‘The Secret Library’ from Accent Press looks, these stories are fantastic and there’s some formidable and well-established names among them.  Please check out my offering ‘Silk Stockings’ and those of my fabulous fellow writers and please let your favourites know what you think of their stories.

Lastly.  Wow!  My latest novel ‘Chickadee’ is out with Ebound publishing in June.  Be warned, it’s hot, hot, hot and very naughty.


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