Chickadee – New release

Chickadee – a novel

Well everyone I must apologise for my late post.  Having suffered the vagaries of computer software upgrades though, I’m hopefully back online and delighted to announce the release of my new novel ‘Chickadee,’ available from  I love writing historicals and had great fun with this feisty heroine and her sexy beau Arnaud.   Feel free to write to me with your comments at  I love receiving your mail and you, our readers make it all worthwhile.

Chickadee is set during the Great Exhibition of 1851 and features a feisty, intelligent heroine who gets more than she bargained for when she falls in love and lust with intrepid clockwork inventor Arnaud Petit.  Chickadee has her eye on his latest invention, Arnaud’s astounding mechanical horse which is causing quite a sensation.  Determined to have it at all costs can she win around Daring Arnaud.  Hot passion abounds in this steamy period romance.


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