Writing Heat

I get asked loads of questions about what brought me to writing heat.  I was always a romance writer and don’t get me wrong I still love writing romance and do under my various pseudonyms.  But, I think it’s part of the writing psyche that I  want to explore and I always did have what most people termed a very active imagination.  Heat, erotica, pornography, the lines are very smudged but I think we can all agree that physical excitement is an enduring part of our psyches.  I began toying with adding more heat to my stories basically because I became brave and one naughty soul – who shall remain nameless – kept pushing me to do it.  I love human sexuality and exploring it and as humans surely we were were given this basic drive to explore anyway. Personally I find it fascinating.   Writing is such a wonderful medium because it allows us to dip our fingers into so many pies  🙂 and try out our writer wings.  I found when I began writing heat my writing really came alive and I became playful.  Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy and I still write under different names for different genres, but heat can be such fun – a bit controversial maybe – but always enjoyable.  Following on this comes other questions.  I write many things but I am a true straight girl who I think has a broad mind and you certainly need that writing erotica.  I’m just waiting for my story ‘Spangle’ to come out in a new collection called ‘Bad Boys’ and inevitably I get asked.  How come besides F/M I write so much gay and lesbian material?  The reason why?  I love it, some of my best friends are gay and one day I decided it was time to flex my wings.  Writing gay means you are looking at sexuality from a slightly different standpoint and that can be thrilling.  For awhile you are exploring other skins and surely that’s another aspect of being a writer.  I love putting on a new skin and seeing the world from a new perspective, whether it’s a tender lesbian love story about two women fighting the prejudices around them, or two gay guys just wanting to play.  And no, before you ask I don’t think you need to be gay to write this kind of material.  What I do think you need to be able to write anything outside your normal zone is acceptance and a true spirit of adventure and of course, it needs the ability to slow up do some research and maybe ask people.  They say you have to write what you know.  That makes me fume a little bit and then steam comes out of my ears.  How does a science fiction writer write convincing science fiction?  A sit at home housewife pen her latest ‘bestseller’ crime or murder book…the list goes on.   No just research, look listen and be empathetic. As writers I think we have to be brave.  It’s true we don’t always get it right and sometimes the critic or reviewer doesn’t get the point.  Writing is like that and you can’t please all the people all the time.  I write because I love it, I like to be a bit controversial sometimes, because like I say, being playful is great and I also adore being a writer with all its ups and downs, and I can’t think of not getting up every morning and not doing it.  Some of my work has been critically claimed and the glow is fabulous, other work has maybe rubbed a few souls up the wrong way but nonetheless it’s been fun testing the waters.  Sometimes I like to be deadly serious to make a point, at other times my stories are nothing more than a flight of fancy and written to amuse and uplift. Always I think we are trying to get a story perfect but it rarely is and what appeals to one person may not appeal to another.  This is what is so much fun about dipping all those fingers into all those pies.  Write, write and be your voice, I think there’s much to be said about projecting your uniqueness.

Have you given up yet?  Yes this was another Friday of ramblings but maybe if you are trying to write you might have had a smile and maybe there’s a gem of wisdom in these few paragraphs which will inspire you to keep toiling away.

Well, it’s back to another round of editing now as I prepare my new book and I will keep you posted on all the latest.  Hopefully for those of you interested in my paranormal love story…watch this space it it with my fabulous editor and I should have some news very soon, oh and also thank goodness I should have my brand new website soon, where I hope to keep all you lovely people posted on things and run a competition or two and give away a few freebies. All of you out there make this so worthwhile and I really do thank you for all your support, us writer’s really appreciate it.


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