Isn’t life a blast?

Well, it’s been quite a hectic week I can tell you and now here we are again back to blog post day which is always a pleasure.  Life is a funny thing isn’t it and you never know what’s around the corner?  As usual my life is never short of being in a state of pandemonium, there’s always something new to think about and then just when I think… ‘ooh delicious, here’s a period of relative calm,’ everything kicks off again.   This week has seen me doing loads of the routine stuff people think author’s never do, that is…retagging products and checking this and that and generally getting files in order.  Every week things change and I’ve learnt from experience it pays to stay on top of everything.  Add to this the angst of having to care for a sick cat though and it gets worse.   Yes, I know I sound eccentric but what writer wouldn’t have a cat? They’re always there to offer a warm comfort blanket and mine only chats when I want it to.  Siamese as you know are so vocal.

    I just forgot this is meant to be a writing blog…  🙂  Anyway thanks for all your kind comments.  I am wrestling at the moment with linking all those little places like Facebook and Pinterest to WordPress but I have to admit to not being that technically proficient, hopefully when I have my new website all this will change.  Anyway your comments never fail to pep me up, writer’s would be nowhere without their fans and followers and it’s truly appreciated.   If anyone has any advice on how to use Pinterest I’d be eternally grateful since mine, doesn’t seem to want to upload anything.

A pinch of snuff

    My short erotic tale, ‘A pinch of snuff’ telling the tale of naughty Martha Peabody, has just been rereleased on Amazon, simply search Alcamia Payne or Constance Munday at or under books and kindle for a full list of my erotic romance and author page.  Happy reading and once again thanks for your support.

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4 thoughts on “Isn’t life a blast?

  1. Hi there 🙂
    Always a pleasure to speak to a fellow writer. I have the ebook of Sexy Lesbian Stories – Book One. Are you the same Alcamia Payne that wrote Tango?

    • Hi Eliza
      Thanks so much for taking the time to make contact, it’s wonderful to hear from you. Yes, it’s me, I am indeed responsible for Tango. I hope you enjoyed the collection? 🙂
      Alcamia x

      • Hi Alcamia,

        I loved it 🙂 I am going to be writing short reviews of the stories I have read. Would you be interested in putting one up on your blog? I am trying to expand my readership.


      • HI Eliza, yes that would be great. I have to check with my editor though, in case I need to edit it for blog purposes. Alternatively you could post a review for Tango under the tango audiobook. Here’s the link…
        If you already have it that’s fine. This edition is only on and not If you’ve bought anything though from Amazon and you have an account you can log in and place a review, even if you bought your book elsewhere. Xcite have just reissued loads of books so we’re waiting for the old reviews and new stats to be put on.
        Anyway in return I will promo your lovely blog. I adore that picture (where did you find it?) and I fully agree with your take on erotica. Heaven forbid everyone has the wrong idea about writing passion. I think erotica is pure sensuality. Thanks for your support Eliza and I wish you so much good look with your writing. Keep going!

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