Finding Inspiration

Hello all , I hope you’ve all been having a happy and productive week?   Inbetween bouts of rain and then intermittent sunshine and suffering from what is formally described as writer’s block, I headed for one of my favourite places to blow the cobwebs away.  I love the ocean and I’m lucky to live not far from Britain’s East coast.  Rather than have the crashing roar of waves on shingle we used to have down South – yes, I originally hail from Hants – the ocean looking out over the North sea is like a gentle sigh.  I often like to catch it when the tide goes out, then I’m treated to the rather marvellous sight of the mudflats stretching out for miles towards ‘the Wash’ and the sound of the water still struggling to retreat from the little pools it’s left behind.  It’s such a treat.  In this part of England there are no rock pools but what appear to be ungainly splodges of silt, each one a miniature world.   Most of the East Coast is composed of nature reserves, which makes it peaceful.  You can walk for miles.  The wonderful coastline is an inspiration to a tired writer’s mind, what with those mudflats and then the dunes and rolling banks of shingle, most of these artificial banks placed to stop the encroachment of the sea inland to areas which are largely under sea level.   I like to spend a day there and watch the changing sky.  It seems often that the sea has shrunk away because there is no sign of it, just the mud stretching on for miles to a thin blue line of horizon.  Amazingly though it doesn’t take that long to come back.


There’s a lot to be said for the ocean and all those positive ions rattling around do seem to blow away all the fluff swirling in my head.  After a few hours staring at nothing or beachcombing, it’s very hard to tear myself away from the soft thud of waves but yes I manage it and find myself wonderfully rejuvenated. 

Which leads me on to writer’s block, I have a weird philosophy with this particular nasty. It used to have terrifying connotations to me, but I remember reading somewhere that there is really no such thing.  Writer’s block is just a little bit of everyday inertia.   I used to fear it like the plague and wonder what would happen if halfway through a novel I was suddenly struck down by this dreaded lurgy.  Unable to extricate myself I might have to spend days without writing a word and staring at a blank screen.  Yes, on one or two occasions I had to do just that, but now I have tools to cope with it and once you see writer’s block as nothing more than a stumble and not an illness, it seems to recede just like the tide.  Now, I find inspiration in taking a good long walk like I just mentioned, but equally I’ll listen to some great inspirational music, pick up a book I particularly admire and which inspires me or simply sit down and blast my way through the part I’m stuck on and I can tell you I get stuck frequently.  Even if I find I’m writing a load of nonsense, it seems to dissolve the mental glue causing my inertia and anyway I can come back and correct it later.  I will not and I repeat with a smile, I will not fall prey to writer’s block.  As you can gather this is something I can go on about endlessly.

Now, what news do I have?  Well, I am jumping up and down with excitement because it’s all ‘go’ for my latest novel.   For those of you liking something a bit different I’m sure you will like my passionate romantic story ‘Sinful Treasure.’  This was a germ of an idea once, a simple short story which someone prompted me to research and extend.  As a result Sinful Treasure, a modern day dark take on the legend of Pandora’s box was born.  Set in the 1920’s in India the story is a paranormal romp besides being an intense and passionate erotic love story.   I’ll let you all know when I have more release details. 

I am also delighted to announce the soon to be release, of book one in  ‘The Perfect Slave,’ series.  ‘Devotion,’ was a project close to my heart.  A passionate gay novel there is something for everyone in this scorcher.  Whether you like history, bondage or a passionate gay love story, it’s all there and I so loved writing it.  I’m afraid we have to wait for this one as editing is only about to start but I’ll keep you all posted and please keep reading.  It’s all of you out there which make writing so rewarding. 

There have been loads of publishing re-issuses this week.  Please look me up on Amazon under Alcamia Payne to see full listings.

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