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Welcome to all my new followers, thanks for your contact!  This week I am busy editing away and having another hair pulling session.  Yes, lot’s going on!  🙂  It’s been a truly fabulous week with Veiled Seduction hitting #1 in Victorian Erotica for the second time running.  It’s down to all of you for making this short story such a resounding success so thank you very much for passionately following my writing and making it all worthwhile.  Below a short excerpt for you all to enjoy with more news and ramblings soon.  The book is available widely on Amazon and many other platforms.

 Excerpt from Veiled Seduction

 Sometimes, as was her wont, the veil was thick, at other times it was fine and delicately embroidered.

 He wondered if she had some kind of flaw but there was none he could see. Naturally, this would require a closer look.

 Michael therefore drew closer to her over a number of days, in the manner of a big game hunter stalking his prey – and he thought she must notice and find it faintly amusing, because she seemed to watch him.

 On this particular day he approached her and, placing his hands on the back of the chair facing her, he asked, ‘May I sit down please?’

 She blinked at him. She was wearing a beautiful hat set at a slight angle and it was so large it shadowed her face. The veil was as fine as gossamer and delicately embroidered and he wondered if she chose such a beautifully embroidered veil to encourage scrutiny.

 ‘How lovely to make your acquaintance, it’s Miss Constanzia Pryce isn’t it? Would you mind if I sat down? You see, you’ve placed me at quite a disadvantage: you’ve bewitched me, I’m afraid.’

 She stared at him and, barely visible through the veil, he caught a glimpse of large catlike eyes complemented by thick sweeping lashes and a full and rather sumptuous mouth, coated in what seemed to be daring blood red lipstick, over which she was running her tongue.

 ‘Be my guest,’ she said. She had a husky voice, dripping with sexual promise.

 Michael sat down at the small circular table and his leg accidentally brushed hers. A bolt of pure sexual passion lanced up his body. Already he felt weak for her and that was after only a few moments’ exposure, and now he couldn’t resist leaning forward towards her. She smelt fragrant, just the right amount of perfume overlaid with the odour of woman.

 He ordered from the menu and, when his tea arrived, he stirred it thoughtfully.

 ‘I was going to invite you to the opera … Would you go with me if I asked you?’ It was a vain hope, because he understood many men had asked her out, but Miss Pryce never accepted their invitations.

 ‘Will I go?’ She tapped her teaspoon against her cup then glanced up at him.

 In actual fact, although she was loath to admit it, she found Michael with his long, swept-back black hair and coal black eyes her answer to Lord Byron and her whole body was in a frenzy of activity.

 ‘Do you think me odd?’ she asked after a while. ‘My acceptance might depend on the quality of your response, so please be careful.’

 Michael, who had not been confronted by such a mysterious woman before, gazed at her. She was staring at his lips intently.

 ‘Odd in what way?’ He had to tread carefully.

 ‘In the way of the veil, of course.’ She touched the veil and, as she did so, she breathed in and the veil moved inwards and briefly with the breeze from the open door moulded both her cheeks and wet lips. Laughing she stroked it down. ‘It’s windy – I should have worn the heavier one.’

Copyright © Alcamia Payne 2011


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