Birth of an idea!


Writing a novel and even a short story is so much like giving birth it’s untrue.  I wonder if you’ve thought the same?  I don’t think writing ever gets easier.  Yes, it’s the most joyful thing in the world and I’m truly blessed to be able to put my words and thoughts down on paper and share them with the rest of the world.  Writing brings me so many beautiful rewards. It is therapy, expression, a constant challenge, growth and it shows you so much about yourself and the world about you.  I think I’ve grown through writing more than I ever did in any other career and I’ve had a fair few of those.  Writing though is so intensely personal to the author that you explore deeper parts of yourself than you ever could in day to day life.  It forces you to question yourself, your beliefs, how tolerant you are and that is only on the personal level.  Even the simplest story requires research and that can be so illuminating. I already love old costume and lifestyle so writing about a new period in history is thrilling.  Research is so often a pain to people but I don’t think you should look at it that way.  See it as a challenge and something you might never have had the opportunity to do if you had not written that story.  I love to get it right and as I concentrate on longer projects I know accuracy is even more important.  Some great books have been really criticised because the author bottled out of researching something properly and there is always someone out there who is an authority and could be a reviewer, so watch out.  Yes, I know it requires diligence and patience but it’s worth it.  That aside I’ve also had a great time delving into anatomy and biology and even sciences for my sci-fi stuff.  Most recently I have had heartrending times as I research a mainstream story which centres around IVF.  I was piqued with interest when a friend underwent IVF and it started the seed of germination for a novel, it is quite a way off and a bit of a departure but it’s been a thrill.  Yes, I know this is another one of my rants but it just struck me today – as I wade knee deep through the mire of another erotica tale set in yet another time frame – how much we as author’s put into our trade.  Everyone thinks we inhabit the spiritual mists and lie around book on knee suffering the vapours and looking into space and maybe writing an hour a day, when most of us get up early, strive all day researching, writing, editing and rewriting, dialoguing with our fabulous but demanding editors and tearing our hair out and bursting into tears.  It’s jolly hard work, worth every second though but still one of the hardest jobs.  So much goes into what we do though and it fills me with admiration when I think of what fellow authors are working on and struggling to get right.   Well, back to work now and I hope your day is going well whatever you are doing.  Remember if you’re toying with a difficult research heavy idea.   Go for it and don’t bottle out, look at the small technicalities and you’re going to come up with a fabulous piece.


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