Writing in circles :)

A slightly late post since I was delayed on a return journey from London due to Olympic fever and have only just surfaced from editing nightmares.  Next week we have our writing circle when a likeminded group of us meet to brainstorm.  Our writing circle is not the usual thing. Most of us had tried these before and found them more of a hindrance than a help to our writing development.  We all came to the conclusion that unless writing circles gather for the purpose of networking, offering unbiased support and helping one another to really develop, they rarely work.  I was never one for sharing my writing, since it was always a personal and precious thing to me, but I did dip my toes into a couple of circles and found they hampered rather than helped.  The major goal seemed to be appropriating ideas off others and jealousy abounded with a sense of rather unhealthy oneupmanship.  I’m sure like ours there are really helpful circles, but if a general circle is in the vicinity it might be a good idea feeling it out and even maybe setting up your own.  My friend having suffered the same problems as me, came up with the idea for a different circle; a fun circle of likeminded writers and ones we knew fairly well.  Rather than take in total outsiders this has worked so well.  We have a range of talents from beginner through to brilliant, but what marks our group out is that we all trust and nuture each other and rejoice in our triumphs.  We also talk about editorial problems and how to handle reviews, rejection and of course, successes.  It’s an argumentative point since it could be said that bringing in outsiders could add something to the group, but with all things I think you have to be cautious.  We also set a theme each week or month.  We agree on the next date, set our homework and someone brings a cake which is always welcome and a rule of the circle. 

Please watch for my temporary website, coming soon, I hope you’re all enjoying the summer and watch this space 🙂


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