Editorial combat

I have just emerged from heavy editorial combat and am just resurfacing into the real world.  I actually don’t loathe editing, but rather enjoy it and always like to see it as part of the learning curve.   Every editor has their own way of seeing the world too, which makes it all the more interesting. 

I’m lucky to have such wonderful editors.  In the beginning when I was on the publishing trail I saw them as kind of this spooky and rather forbidding presence, a hurdle I had to negotiate.  I have actually never met a bad editor, I think it’s all to do with approach.   Be polite to your editor even if you feel like gnashing your teeth.  Even when you are struggling and can’t get published they are invaluable. I know the first ones I encountered just made me ‘up my game.’  Yes, I took heed and went back to the drawing board and tried to see where I’d gone wrong and it only made me a better writer.  Now, I work with several editors and they are all different, it makes each book edit a treat though.  I love the negotiation and like to have my faults pointed out so I can try not to make them again.  Inevitably I do make faults.  That is why us writers need editors.  We are so eager to get our words and ideas down I think we often make silly mistakes in continuity and text and we rely on our editor to put us right.

Often an editor can become a friend.  I know some of mine have been inspirational and I would never have got where I have without their encouragement and belief.  I constantly need it as well –  as you know writers being a fragile species – we look for constant confirmation we’re not rubbish and suffer continual agonies over what we have written.

Anyway what about news!  Well, there’s loads.  A forthcoming radio interview is in the offing and I have been approached over an exciting new project, a bit hush, hush at present…..but that makes it even more exciting doesn’t it?  Also my new novel ‘Sinful Treasure’ is due out in early November and has had much critical acclaim, so I’m overwhelmed with all the positive feedback I’ve got.  If you like your romance with more than a hint of ertotica, demons and the paranormal, I think you’ll like this.

plus…wonderful fem. magazine ‘Diva’ have once again allowed me to grace their pages with a short story in October’s edition.  ‘Siren Song,’ is just a little offering but I hope you girls will like it.    

And….yay….I’m ecstatic….my gay novel ‘Devotion’ first in the Perfect Slave Trilogy, is out with Xcite very soon.  I’ll keep you all posted.  Thanks for all your positive emails, I love getting them.  Comments to my private mail box are always answered.  www.alcamia@hotmail.co.uk and my new website at www.alcamiapayne.com is now up and running.  Not many pages yet, but we’re getting there.

Once again thank you to my loyal band of followers, I love getting your ideas and entertaining you with my stories and for those of you on the writing trail….keep happy, keep loving it and great good luck.  I know you’ll tell me all about your successes… For all my news follow me on Twitter…  🙂


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