Writing as therapy

Devotion was always going to be controversial.  When I wrote it I didn’t set out to write pure erotica but rather an intelligent story, a proper novel.  I can never see why erotica and literary art can’t go together.  I have had boundless comments and some very positive feedback for what was a risky undertaking but if a book makes you think, it’s achieved something.   Here is the thing.  I love writing sex but I like sex with a story.  I also love many other  things too.  So Devotion became a mystical story in one respect with love, romance and erotica meshed with history and the paranormal and not just one page after the other of hardcore sexual antics.  Accused also of too much verbosity, well I stand my ground.  Things needed to be explained in book one or the book would have been too shallow.   I worked it as well as I could but still think the description was needed or all we would have had was a mishmash of sexual scenes.  I did hope it would appeal to the reader who was intelligent and liked a little bit more than a routine erotica novel.  I must have got something right since the German market likes it and has made me smile with a comment about the book being….yep!  a bit shades of G…?  Dare I say it and also sexy.

It was always meant to be daring and hard to contain within the requisite 80,000 words.  Yes, editorial restraints meant that a lot of the sex and training scenes in Devotion had to be cut, so a sensible story could be constructed.  I think readers don’t always realise that us writers often have to abide by necessary editorial restraints which is what makes self-publishing seem so attractive sometimes.  I love working with my editors though.

Yes, I realise I made mistakes with Devotion, but a story is a story and worth it for those who did enjoy it and even worth writing for those who didn’t, since it stimulated some healthy discussion.  Books are widely open to opinion and dissection and as writers we have to take it on the chin.  Devotion was always going to appeal to a niche market.  It achieved it’s goal for which I’m grateful.  At times raw, it is sentimental and rather curious…as always I wrote it from the heart and loved every minute.   I truly welcome your comments on it.

Now to other things and notably my lack of activity lately.  Those closest to me will know I have had a cancer scare.  I used to think it could never happen to me, but of course it can happen to anyone, even some mad health fanatic like me.  The signs are good at this point although I am in the midst of mayhem with tests, so let this be a lesson.   As always writing is my very positive therapy.  To those of you on my private network I sincerely thank you for your support and I’m glad to say none of this is holding up any of my writing obligations.

Watch this space……


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