Glad to be back

The end of 2012 saw many trials and tribulations on the health front as I battled with what I thought was terminal illness.  I’m glad to say though that I’m now completely on the road to recovery and am glad to be immersed in many more exciting new projects with some new and wonderful publishers now I am out of hospital.  I intend to be visible this year so please watch my blogs and tweets for news of my new projects and please feel free to post reviews or even send me an email.  Whether negative or positive I love getting feedback whilst trying to keep my followers happy with new ideas.

   There is much in the pipeline for this coming year.   A pinch of Spice will soon be released.  This is the sequel to the highly successful A Pinch of Snuff and was a response to many readers asking me for more of the same ‘Victoriana,’ with a naughty twist.  A pinch of Spice whilst a kinky story in its own right it also a follow on to my first short story.  This time though we have a novella featuring the life of the feisty socialite, Eliza Pinch – a Victorian advisor of women who soon gets more than she bargains for.  Way ahead of her time Eliza considers herself a feminst and has carved a place out for herself amongst the aristocracy advising women on matters of a more delicate nature which they cannot discuss with anyone else.  A heiress, Eliza is consumed with a career which gives her more than a thrill or two of her own.

  Undertaking a favour for one of her friends, Eliza has never counselled or advised a man but feeling compelled to assist she soon gets more than she bargained for as she irons out her new client’s sexy foibles and secretive obsessions.  Furthermore, feisty Eliza has not bargained on that elusive force ‘love,’ catching her, because she has always denied herself love – has witnessed love’s treachery and disappointments too many times to allow herself to fall into that trap.  How can she resist a man though, who she finds increasingly compelling and who caters to her every whim and dream.   A Pinch of Spice is a grown up romp with more than it’s fair share of love and romance and of course bondage and spice – I hope you enjoy it.

Also this year, we will see the release of book 2, in The Perfect Slave trilogy.  It has been a long birth since the plot was complex.  The first book created a real stir but I always knew it would.  However, when I thought about cutting parts or simplifying it, I found it destroyed the story, so I always left the first book ‘Devotion,’ as I imagined it.   Book 2, ‘Possession,’  sees my characters trying to find out the secrets of the ‘jeu.’  Now Astor’s slave, Tristan becomes wrapped up in the dark world of elite BDSM and is soon exposed to it’s crumbling network of elitist masters.  As he finds out more about the distant history of the secret society, he becomes more obsessed than ever with becoming Astor’s perfect slave and breaking down the defences of a man who has sworn he will never love again.  Tristan has not bargained on the strength of one other interfering master in particular though.  Kumar has his eye on the blond hunk and is determined to purchase him from Astor or find some other means of acquiring him.  Set half in modern times and half in the time of ‘The Crusades,’ Possession is an exciting foray setting the whole background scene of the jeu from ancient times whilst also carrying the story forward and setting the scene for the final book in the Trilogy.   I don’t want to spoil the plot for you.  But Kumar appears again in Book 3 and Tristan’s life is in jeopardy.   Be prepared for plenty of kink, a shot of love and lot’s of gay graphic bondage detail.

Of course, there are a few other ideas floating around so please watch for a number of short stories, another new novel under the name Constance Munday and a few other exciting projects which I’m keeping under wraps for the moment.  Thank you all for your great feedback.  Positive or negative it is all a learning curve and I enjoy hearing what you would like to read about next.

      Happy 2013 to all my followers and I love reading your blogs.  Alcamia x


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