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I have just been pondering what a year of unexpected happenings this has been. Leaving behind an old life and starting a new one, inevitably brings tussles and massive change in its wake and its important to go with the flow. The hardest thing has been being prised out of my hidey hole into the public spotlight. I once thought mistakenly that I could hide away and never have to see a soul when I put pen to paper. This is a rather quaint view of being a writer that many of us tend to harbour, but couldn’t be more wrong. Forced into the light, like a vampire I wanted to run  back and hide in the dark but I have rapidly come to enjoy and embrace being much more public. This is a hard climate to be a writer in and the publishing business has been working as hard as any other, to survive the belt tightening of the last few years. This means authors have had to become more proactive and I fully agree with that. In fact, it’s pretty wonderful to add a new strand to the creative life and meet many of the fans and keen readers of erotica and romance who are out there.

I am still not brilliant at this publicity thing. Having wrestled with personal changes on the homefront, getting a working place sorted where I can be quiet, disentangling some hard health issues and coming out of the closet as regards my job, I have rather pushed the PR onto the back burner. Now I have to face the fact I must promote, promote, promote. Not easy for a shy retiring sort who’s a quiet soul and doesn’t like sounding her own trumpet.  So, here is my first writerly blog. In the weeks that come as I keep you informed as to work in progress and what’s happening, I hope to share both gems of wisdom and some nonsense with you.  I am after all, a normal human being with many failings.

New Releases

I love writing gay erotic romance, and am delighted to announce the Kindle release of my latest novel, ‘Hidden.’

Reclusive genius, Darren’s life is turned upside down when he meets art gallery owner Jake. Both men enter into an affair but both fear involvement.
Tangled in a web of love and lust, their relationship develops into one of complex emotional control and bondage. Each man realises that although in the past they have shipwrecked chances of happiness they now can’t let one another go and it is time for them to face their inner demons.
Each stands to gain something precious from the other – namely a chance at emotional liberation and true love. Can these two men, who are both hiding secrets from one another, make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save their love affair?
Darren thinks they can, but things are about to take a startling turn for the worst when Jake is forced to come clean about the massive secret that overshadows his life?


Get it now!  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hidden-Erotic-Story-Xcite-Books-ebook/dp/B00GS01NKC/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1385127281&sr=1-1&keywords=Hidden+alcamia+payne


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