It’s Christmas!

How did it creep up on me again? It seems I’m never prepared although I say every year I will be. Anyway I am just emerging from a pile of paper to witness the festivities. Have you noticed how the novel takes you over like an illness, so much so you don’t even notice what the date is? This is how it has been for me.  Writing requires so much mental discipline very often most things go out of the window, and this latest novel has been harder than most. I am delighted to be writing a new romance for a major publisher and am very excited about it. This foray sees a departure from my much loved erotica into the field of romance and chick-lit. I love moving between genres like this as I think it makes everything fresh and new. So, I look forward to telling you about it in due course.

I am delighted to have a short story published in December’s issue of premier women’s magazine Diva. LGBT mag of the year.  ‘Running,’ is an interesting lesbian short and it’s always a thrill when Diva picks me. I so love this magazine.


Well, all that remains in this post is to wish you all a fabulous Christmas! Here’s hoping you have a good one.


Art ‘Winter Leaves’ kindly provided by photographer Pete Salenieks


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