New Beginnings

Well hello to all of you out there at the beginning of this new year. I hope it’s going to be a great one for all you aspiring writers. I always find it an exciting time when it comes around to the 1st of January. Unlike most people I don’t make any new year resolutions, I rather like to think we all have our plans in place and are working on our goals anyway. I do have a list of achievements, projects and goals for the months ahead though. The new year is a weird thing because it fills me with all sorts of thoughts and feelings. Last year was exceedingly tough as I fought severe illness and eventually won through. Life is strange and things hit you like a ‘bolt from the blue.’ A real health freak, this struck me down suddenly and I was left in a tailspin. I do think everything happens for a reason and having such a dreadful scare has helped put things in perspective and made me tougher and able to see where the true values in life lie. Life is indeed short so we need to get out there and not waste a second of it. I know I will now be taking advantage of every second.

I suppose being a writer I could say all of this darkness had it’s bright side. I was always empathetic to those around me, intensely reflective and compassionate, but I now feel a kinship with those who have gone through severe and terminal illnesses. It has given me many subjects to write about and I have come up with a lot of deep and introspective ideas which are bound to filter through into future novels. I do have one goal and that is to expand into social and family dramas as well as hot romances and historicals, and there are also plenty of fantasy and science fiction ideas in the pipeline.

One thing is for sure during 2013 my writing was once again a major therapy and there is none better. I am truly blessed as are all my fellow writers, at having this gift of putting things down on paper and entertaining. Long may it continue.

Now onto some news.  I am thrilled to have been chosen to write a book for the great publisher TotallyBound. It will appear in the ‘What’s her Secret range.’ Sweet Secrets is a bit of a departure. A contemporary chick-lit romance with undercurrents of erotica. What I most love about Anna the heroine is she is the woman we can all identify with. She has had it tough, being in a claustrophobic relationship with her father. The virtual imprisonment with her catering for his needs, makes her reclusive and prone to panic attacks. When he dies her world opens up and Anna uses the skills she has acquired whilst caring for him to turn her life around. A chance encounter with a younger man soon turns her world upside down as Anna faces not just her mental challenges but those of love. I’m really excited about it.

Also on the cards, is book three ‘Obsession,’ the last installment of ‘The Perfect Slave Trilogy.

Happy New Year everyone! I look forward to following your news.


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