Lost in Space

There has been a bit of a lull as the final part of ‘The Perfect Slave Trilogy is tied up and literally put to bed. My controversial M/M series certainly sparked some comment. I did not want it to be a carbon copy of anyone else’s work and I think if critics thought it would be one lurid scene fusing into the next they were always bound to be disappointed. As always I couldn’t help myself and I wanted to put a background story behind Tristan and Astor. So there was always going to be a bit of crime and a pinch of adventure thrown in. There were some curious twists and turns to the tale as Tristan was taken hostage, but always I intended for the series to end on a high note which I think it did. Of course you will have to read ‘Obsession’ to find out more 🙂

 Obsession will be available later this year. Watch this space for further news.

Many thanks to my stoic legion of followers who have also put up with me as I beaver away on another novel. It has been a hard few months as I fulfilled a commitment to an F/F theme I had been asked to expand on but had been tearing my hair out over. More news on this too soon. 

   In the meantime enjoy an excerpt from ‘Possession,’ and of course whatever you are currently reading. Happy reading!











The entire thing had had overtures of The Story of O, Tristan had later reflected. He’d often wondered if the famous book was for real. Many said it was a flight of fancy, but who would believe him if he’d told them what went on in his own world? Today Romanov would brand him, then afterwards he would slip on a ring, the same occult ring Astor wore and which marked him out as a slave belonging to the jeu.

Later, after Astor had left him, Romanov led Tristan through the echoing house. It had not changed since medieval times. Through the large back door, Tristan could see down to the small chapel where he’d had his first initiation. It was a simple stone building surrounded by creeping vines. They strolled into a vast room, which must have been a lounge. The floors were covered in thick Russian carpet and the furniture and tapestries on the wall were good quality. Romanov brought a bottle and two glasses and sat down beside Tristan in an armchair. His gaze was cold and emotionless. ‘This room once paid court to kings and princes who would consult my family on all manner of subjects, many of them to do with the jeu. You see, my family understood the code of the jeu better than anyone.’ He steepled his fingers, a slow smile spreading across his face. ‘You have carved out quite a reputation for yourself. It appears you have taken the master’s attention. How does it feel to be a star in the firmament?’

Tristan raised an eyebrow.

‘It is an odd world, Tristan. Each day you must wake up and ask yourself what strange world do I exist in, where men have slaves and are ruled by spirituality and black magic? But there are even stranger things in this world if one knows where to find them. Behind closed doors, many things happen one would not believe. Just because we do not witness them does not mean they are not there. However, enough chatter, since today is so serious.’

Tristan felt a flash of fear. Romanov was good at cranking up the atmosphere. He was studying Tristan like he was a fly trapped in a jam jar.

‘The jeu is a double-edged sword, Tristan. Its goal is Nirvana, but to attain that Nirvana means following a treacherous route. Why do you think its meaning was not written down in so many words but passed from mouth to mouth? It was not from choice but because its knowledge was so powerful that should it fall into the wrong hands, well …’ He paused as he poured liquor into two glasses. Astor had mentioned the potent brew. Romanov’s family had been making the distilled drink for centuries. It was an age-old recipe, made with herbs and stolen from the monks at the priory. As Tristan tossed it back it burnt the back of his throat and Romanov chuckled with glee. ‘I like it. You go away a boy and come back a man with the light of revelation. Something happened to you at the caves, didn’t it? I can see it in your eyes.’

Tristan turned his glass in his hands. ‘OK, old man, I had a vision.’ He wondered if Romanov would reckon he was mad; wondered whether he even trusted the mystic enough to tell him.

‘Tell me more. I can see you hesitate and you wonder whether you can trust me. You can. Like I said, my family have kept the counsel of the Kopalskis and their slaves for centuries.’

‘I –’ Tristan stammered. ‘I was in Konstantine’s body, I became him. Does that make sense?’

‘Yes. It was a spiritual lesson and lessons have to be experienced.’ Romanov paused as if considering what he should next say. ‘Astor has chased such signs all his life, yet for all his abilities he cannot see enough. He has always had a kinship with Konstantine. The two of them are so similar; both recluses and men driven by same desires and dreams. In many ways, he thinks he is the Russian’s reincarnation. He also knows that Konstantine’s journal contains only a fragment of the truth. The truth can only be found through experience and is often a catalyst for spiritual growth. Often another human being can be a vessel for that experience, like for instance …’

‘Vedic?’ Tristan said slowly, his tongue loosening as the liquor took effect.

‘Yes indeed, Vedic. That boy was tuned to a spiritual wavelength Astor could never attain. Often, I believe Astor’s mind is simply too full of logic and order to fully experience spiritual enlightenment to the degree he would like.’

Tristan’s mouth was dry. He had the feeling a great truth was about to be revealed which would rock his world. ‘Vedic was a true saint, wasn’t he?’

Romanov nodded. ‘Yes. The boy was many things. A perfect slave. A man willing to lay down his life for his master.’ He bent forward. ‘I will tell you something important. Did you know that the tenet of the jeu teaches that ultimate power can never be in the hands of one but can only be found with two men; two men who come together through magnetism and attraction? It’s a karmic and divine happening built upon chance and fate. Out of the billions of people on this planet two are lucky enough to encounter one another – crossing continents and oceans to be together. When they do, they create magic.’

‘Some say the jeu is a blasphemous mix of magic and love, speeding forth the catalyst of man’s love for man,’ Tristan added. ‘Some kind of gay panacea?’

‘I like the sentiment.’ Romanov’s gaze was boring into Tristan’s. ‘Do not make fun of it. You do not understand the power of spiritual love. The energies of love and lust are mismanaged by the human race, their meanings lost. The real thing is the most powerful we know.’

‘Tell me, Romanov. Am I a catalyst?’

‘Yes, I believe so.’

‘And what if I don’t think I’m ready to sacrifice my life or be that catalyst? After all, I’m only a simple city trader.’

‘Rules are made to be broken,’ Romanov asserted.

‘But I’m not ready. Astor told me himself that it would take many years of discipline to reach that level. I’m not ready.’

 Enjoyed reading ‘Possession?’  The entire ‘The Perfect Slave Trilogy’ is available on Kindle, epub and paperback from Xcitebooks.com, all Amazon platforms and good publishers of erotica.



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