Emerging from her lair!

There has been a patch of quietness as things develop on the house front with a house move in store. Never good for a writer. Furthermore, Alcamia Payne has been going through a gestation period and is just crawling out of her lair and from under a huge pile of handwritten notepaper.

Writers develop and over the last two years I have had the privilege to meet and work with some wonderful creative personalities who have provided considerable inspiration. Alcamia Payne was always going to be about the side of my personality that was a rebel and liked to try new things. Broadminded there is nothing this writer will not tackle. I still love the short story genre and there is plenty of that still in store. As I mature as a novelist though, I realise I adore writing longer stories I can get my teeth into. Pressed for some more lesbian offerings, this year has seen me cogitating over a couple of ideas. I always like to bring something fresh and new to the page, so over the coming months I hope you enjoy the new offerings, news of which I shall be posting.

It was with some regret that I finished ‘The Perfect Slave Trilogy’ this spring. It was always going to be controversial and different and I hope those of you that purchased it, enjoyed it. Leaving it though is a bit like leaving an old friend as I move onto pasture’s new.

‘Devotion’ saw my hero Tristan being introduced into the whole new world of the domme. In book two ‘Possession’ he pursued a historical and sensual dream wrapped in legend, in book 3 ‘Obsession’ he is kidnapped and hidden and it is time for his master – who shunned love, since the death of his Russian slave and lover, Vedic, many years ago – to free him and to face up to the fact he has fallen for Tristan’s charms.

All three books are available from Xcitebooks, on Amazon and various platforms in ebook, Kindle and print.






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