About Alcamia

  Alcamia has always been a writer and after a number of successful careers turned professional several years ago.  She writes short stories, novellas and novels and has been published in top women’s magazines Scarlet and Diva and in over 30 anthologies covering many genres.  Amongst others, her stories can be found at Xcite books and Accent Press and at Total-e-bound publishing.  Alcamia studied languages and economics at University and later returned to study literature and English.  Writing has always been her first love before all else and she is an ardent book worm collecting many thousands of books.  She loves devouring everything from good romances through to erotica, historicals, crime, the paranormal and science fiction.

Her latest project ‘Silk Stockings’ headlines one of the novels in Accent Presses beautiful collection ‘The Secret Library,’ and Chickadee her latest novel is due for release at Total-e-bound on the 4 June.   Her next novel ‘Devotion’ an M/M novel with many intriguing threads has just been accepted as part of an exciting three book deal.  Besides this she’s working on many new projects hoping to give her readers lots more tantalising stories.  She welcomes your mail at alcamia@hotmail. co.uk


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