New releases in books autumn 2012



Devotion, the first novel in ‘The Perfect Slave,’ trilogy.


A powerful contemporary M/M love story containing desire, bondage, and the quest for eternal love, mingled with historical and paranormal threads.


Financial trader Tristan Lorde is catapulted into the clandestine world of elite BDSM and a system of slavery whose goal is ultimate sexual Nirvana. This elite world is called the jeu, an adult game of slavery, held within a strong band of worldwide masters of which Astor Kopalski is grand master.

   The rules and goal of the jeu were brought back by Astor Kopalski’s Russian forebear, Konstantine Kopalski. Konstantine – a troubled young nobleman with perverse sexual tastes – escaped to the Crusades where he was captured by the notorious warrior, ‘The Leopard.’  Made willing prisoner to a system of slavery rooted in the annals of time, he lived for years in a concealed Samarian fortress until ‘The Leopard,’ met his demise. With the rules of knowledge contained in a set of scrolls, Konstantine then returned home to commence the birth of the jeu, in Europe.  Decadent and depraved the jeu now has its continuance with a Russian man who is obsessed with the philosophy of sex.

   Devotion commences in the modern day. Powerful millionaire Astor Kopalski is now holding together a crumbling network of masters who have lost the meaning of the true jeu. Compelled to retrace the system of slavery back to its roots he is determined though to soon return to the East where it all started and find out the one concealed secret to do with the jeu’s birth.

   In the meantime, ever the master, Astor is indulging his passion – his search for ‘The Perfect Slave.’ Once, he thought he’d found it with the spiritual wanderer Vedic.  A Russian boy and a seer who he fell in love with.  But Vedic died trying to prove his devotion to Astor, leaving Astor a disbeliever in love. Now, the only safe route to rapture seems to him to be through sexual experimentation through lust.

A whole new chapter is about to unfold when Astor spies Tristan and draws him into his web as his new slave.

   From his centre of operations in Neuilly Paris to the eclectic and mystical estate of Bryanska in Russia, a story of modern day lust, passion, enchantment and love begins as Astor fights to preserve the crumbling empire of the jeu and the ghost of love. Tristan in his turn struggles against his sense of disbelief at the sensually depraved and highly addictive world of pleasures he is now party too, but his love for Astor and his growing obsession with the jeu have him in its grip.

   But that is not all. Conspiracy is afoot as Astor attempts to release his half-sister from the clutches of her ruthless crook husband and get her out of the country to his secret Russian retreat.

   Caught in this web of intrigue and danger, can Tristan become Astor’s perfect slave and prove that love conquers all?



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